Here are some answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked....

What months are you open ?...We are open from the 1st March until end of Ocober.

Do you have all English clients ?  .... Yes

Can I invite family and friends to stay on holiday with us ?.....  Yes

Are you pet friendly....   Yes

What is the name of and how far is the nearest  town ? ....

The nearest village Le Vigan is a 5 minute drive away which has 2 mini

supermarkets, restaurants, bar, butchers, bakers, hairdressers, chemist, iron

mongers, building supplies ,doctors and dentist. The nearest town Gourdon

is a 10 minute drive, with all the larger supermarkets Intermarché,

 Carrefour, Casino , Leader price and Lidle. There are many lovely

restaurants and shops, every Tuesday Gourdon have a market for all your

fruit, vegetables fish etc, and a larger market  every  1st and 3rd week of the


 Will my plot have any garden space that I can cultivate if I wish ?

Yes you can put in beds for your plants, there are garden centres at

Gourdon, and they also sell plants on the markets.

Are there any group activities on the park ?

Yes our clubhouse is open every Monday Wednesday, Friday

Can I access English books ?

Yes we have a free swap library.

Do you have clothes washing and drying facilities on Park ? ...   Yes

Are you on Wi Fi ?


How much will it cost for water and electric ?

 Having checked our electric and water for all our residents last

 season, on adverage they are  approximately 160 euros for the two, all

 meters are read on your last visit at the end of the season. 

How long can our mobile  home say on your park ?

Our park has a contract which is renewed yearly, as long as you keep your

holiday home clean and tidy there is no limit to how long it can stay.

Are there any outside sales persons involved ?

We are a family owned and managed park, we are not connected to any

other company and there  are no outside sales

persons involved.  When you a buy a new mobile-home through The Old

Vines park we will  help you solve any problems which  may occur in the


Is it possible to upgrade our mobile  home in the future ?

Should you decide to upgrade in the future, we will be willing to arange a

deal with you,  if you love the plot you have already we will also consider

removing your existing mobile-home from your plot and installing your new

 mobile-home in its place. 

 What are the size of the plots ?

Each plot is at least 260 sq meters, private ,with its own drive, and enormous

spaces in between, you don`t have to worry about arriving and having to cut

the grass we do that for you.

 Will you keep an eye on our holiday home during the winter season when

you are closed ?

 Yes we offer a full winterisation service and inform you of any situations

that may occur during the closed season