31c….26/07/2020 lot/dordogne

Although it started a bit overcast this morning and a slight drizzle of rain it has been a hot and sunny afternoon here at les vignes vieilles….reaching 31c….tomorrow the forecast is 36c… here in le vigan but we are looking at temperatures in the forties….. maybe a little to hot for some on the sun-decks of our residents mobile-homes ….I am sure our swimming pool will be very refreshing……or reading your favourite novel under a shade of an oak tree…..there are now alot of tourists in the region…..gourdon, sarlat, souillac very busy….. I have not seen our resident deer for a few days or the hares but as I walked the dogs this morning the male deer was calling and the hare darted away when it saw the dogs…..I have so many birds that visit my garden and lots of blackbirds this year……so I was delighted to see a thrush drinking at my pond……the land is very dry and there is no sign of rain…..plants and bushes are looking a bit sad but are picking up as the nights are alot cooler than normally……only 4 mobile homes are occupied at the moment…. a few arriving next week which is’nt unusal for our park July has always been one of our quieter months…..some of our residents  are taking care of grandchildren during the school holidays or visit in spring and autumn….so there are many times in the day when you can enjoy a leisurely swim on your own….where has this season gone nearly August……we have 3 more months to take advantage of this beautiful weather ….peace and tranquility…..as we are not a camping all plots have an enormous spaces around every mobile home …….our regulations are in place to ensure everyone is safe and can relax and enjoy their stay…….

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